Annual Meeting

UCCN Annual Meeting Objectives

    UNESCO Creative Cities Network Annual Meeting offers a unique occasion to strengthen the ties between cities from around the world and serves as a platform to define the strategic objectives of this fast-growing Network.

    The main objectives of this event are to:

    • Exchange updated information on activities carried out by cities aimed at implementing the objectives of the Network both at the local and international level and formulate new inter-city partnership initiatives;
    • Determine the Network’s strategy and operations, and agree upon important matters related to its future development, including the priorities of the Network for the coming year;
    • Provide a key platform of dialogue between the Creative Cities and UNESCO, regarding the Organization’s priorities in culture and development and other issues of mutual interests.


    The Annual Meeting is held once a year (except in case of force majeure). All member cities of the Network are expected to actively take part in the Meeting.

XII Annual Meeting: Theme and scope

    Exceptional in their respective fields of literature and music, Krakow and Katowice harbor an undeniable pulse and eagerness to develop through innovation and creativity. Affectionately referred to as the “Krakowice” program, both cities initiated work that consistently and effectively unleashes new potential and creative flow between the cities, connected by 60 km of fast-speed highway. Krakowice is based on close cooperation, mutual inspiration and support, and joint projects in all cultural fields, most notably at the intersection of literature, music, and film.

    From 12 to 15 June, 2018, Krakowice will take on a new creative challenge, that is to host the UNESCO Creative Cities Network Annual Meeting in 2018. The vision is to build a program and offer an experience that is reflective of the Host Cities’ strength: its role as a connector and as a mine for vast creative resources. This work reflects the Host Cities’ strong belief that together they will achieve more as a macro-regional creative cooperative.

    The theme “Creative Crossroads” aims to celebrate the spark created when people interact, interconnect, influence one another, as well as those who actively pursue communication, relationship-building and cooperation as a means of making creativity possible. These “connectors” see the ideas, the resources, and the potential of each unit in a city – individual, group or institution –  that can be released through collaboration and help to “see lines of alignment, partner potential and attract resources and synergies between supposedly disparate things.” (Charles Landry).

    The XII UCCN Annual Meeting will provide member cities and local creative sectors with a platform of connection. Our common agenda, the Sustainable Development Goals, can only be attained by pooling resources together, improving communication across all borders, and approaching our future with a strategic vision.

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