Katowice is the capital of the Upper Silesian region in Southwestern Poland. Located in the center of the Upper Silesian Coal Basin and rich in natural resources such as coal and steel, the city is the industrial and administrative leader of the region.

Economic, environmental, political and cultural reforms have revived the city making Katowice a leader among Polish cities in implementing sustainable development policies.

Katowice hosts music festivals, as well as renowned international music competitions. In October 2017, the city hosted the prestigious world music event – WOMEX. The city’s vibrant music scene reflects a vast scope of genres, trends and fusions able to attract all Katowice population.

In 2015, Katowice became a member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the field of music. This designation highlighted the intensity and diversity of musical life in Katowice, notably its infrastructure that serves both the artists and the citizens.