Tourism packages Katowice


Coal Mine Guido in Zabrze

Two excellently preserved mining levels are waiting for you 170 and 320 metres below the surface. During the tour of the 170 level you will look into originally preserved horse stables and you will learn about the role that these animals played in the history of mining. You will also see what type of dangers wait for the miners working underground and thanks to the multimedia effects almost “feel” the first-hand experience on yourself.

The biggest attractions of the 320 level are the large scale mining machines presented in operation and the ride in suspended electric rail. The experience at 320 level is mostly connected with exploring the development of mining technology from the end of the 19th century up to modern times.


Historic Silver Mine & Black Trout Adit in Tarnowskie Góry (UNESCO’s World Heritage list)

Each tour is guided and lasts nearly 1,5 hr. It begins in the multimedial museum of metal-ores mining, located at the over-shaft building. Visiting the Mine takes place in galleries, 40 m underground. The tourist route has a length of 1740 m, including the distance ca. 270 m of a boat row.

Black Trout Adit is located in the middle of Repty Park in Tarnowskie Góry. We have to climb down on foot by winding stairs and next to go by boats through the sector of about 600 m long and nearly 25 m deep, next we continue the underground travel along the water-gallery hollowed out in 1821-1835. The tour time from climbing down to going up is about one hour. The Mine is accessible to disabled visitors.
Duration 3-4 h.


Route of Modernist Architecture

Walk a route of modernist architecture of so called “Polish Chicago”, serving as a pretext for stories not only about the buildings themselves, but also about the way of life in Katowice at thirties of 20th Century.
Duration 2 h.